Jessica Frelow


Content Creator

Here— she works to bridge the gap between her mind and yours.

Jessica Frelow is a storyteller. As a writer, she values experience and the ability to express it. Her writing lives right in the thick of this exploration.

She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of  Discretionary Lovea mixed-media platform dedicated to sharing the story of love.  She also produces content on the state of our culture for her new project, Culturally Unsound.

Other features include articles in Harness Magazine and ViewingNYC, among others.

On the creative front—poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction are her base. She has been featured in TrampsetVersificationEmerge Literary Journal, and New York Times Metropolitan Diary among others.  

Project Goals

Online Platforms

Creating spaces for creatives to share their work is the ultimate goal. Engagement among these mediums enables us to learn, grow and enrich our creative culture.

Current Copy

Keeping pace with current events (whether social issues or weekly events) in the digital atmosphere allows us to stay grounded in reality.

Making Connections

Regardless of how you take in the world, it's important to stay connected. What we consume, colors our perceptions. Our relationships with media matter, let's make it a good one.

Recent Work